Yvette Catoire Sehon
Realtor, Property Manager


Real Estate Consultant

Why Would You Want To Work With Yvette?

All real estate agents are created equal but it is there that any resemblence to a Keller Williams Real Estate Consultant stops.  In all sales fields only about 20% of the people do about 80% of the work.  These 20% are true consultants as compared to "agents".  An agent shows and sells whereas a consultant gets engaged in conducting a very specific needs analysis.  What does this mean to you?  You are working with someone who will first identify your needs and then find solutions to not only meet those needs but also exceed them.  This defines the way Yvette Sehon conduct her real estate business.

Yvette has a degree in elementary education with fourteen years experience teaching.  She brings a high level of professionalism to Keller Williams, and demonstrates that every client has the right to be treated with compassion.  She promises to listen to your every need, and make buying or selling a house a pleasurable experience.
When you think of real estate, YOU do not have to be the expert, you only need remember two things:
Yvette Sehon
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